Choosing a Fire Alarm   

 Not All Fires Are The Same

-----There are slow smoldering fires and fast flaming fires.  This depends on what catches on fire.  Smoldering fires produce a lot of dangerous smoke before breaking into flames.  Flaming fires are very hot, fast moving and dangerous.

Not All Fire Alarms Are The Same

-----There are fire alarms that are faster for detecting slow smoldering fires (photoelectric), some that are faster for detecting fast flaming fires (ionization) and some that use both technologies (dual sensor photoelectric and ionization).  Neither technology is new but they were equal when we had mostly natural fires in our homes.  Now the difference in technology is very important.

Install Dual Sensor Smoke Alarms

-----Because the synthetic materials we commonly use in the home smolder longer, it is wise to use smoke alarms that will alert you as early as possible of either type of fire.  This means having two types of alarms or a dual sensor fire alarm. 

      1.  It is  not recommend the removal of existing ionization smoke alarms.  However, we strongly recommend installing a combination of photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms in homes, to provide for the best chance of escape for all types of fires.

      2.  It is imperative every resident evaluate his or her smoke detection system to ensure there is sufficient protection in every home. 

Test Alarms

-----Alarms should be tested monthly and batteries should be replaced once a year. 

Know How To Escape When The Alarm Sounds

Draw a map of your home, find two ways out of each room, practice the plan with everyone in the household using the test button of your dual sensor alarms and decide on a meeting place outside and away from the house.


  • Have working fire alarms on every level of your home


  • Have working DUAL SENSOR fire alarms (or a photoelectric and ionization alarm side by side) in the home.


  • Install interconnected DUAL SENSOR fire alarms on each level, outside sleeping areas and in each bedroom. 

  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm on each level of the home.

  • Install residential fire sprinklers.

 The average price of a DUAL SENSOR fire alarm is between $15 - $20.




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